Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Questions related to project A Way to Music

o What is this all about?

The renewed website of Danubia Orchestra, being a digital concert hall and the crest of the live broadcasts for the orchestra at the same time. This is an old dream of ours come true that we hope will bring together people via their enthusiasm for music. This video library of hundreds of items grouped by themes and emotions includes theme and emotions includes the former highlighted concerts, youth performances and online programs of the orchestra alike.

o How do I connect?

It costs HUF 990 a month to enjoy the content unique worldwide.

 Questions about using the page

o I have a registration, but I cannot log in to the page. What should I do?

We recommend that you use for logging in the login method selected at the registration (Google/Facebook/Entering e-mail and password). Should the problem persist, feel free to contact us here: or in the chat window.

o I have entered wrong passwords several times. What happens now?

If you try to enter the site several times using non-matching passwords, the system will block you temporarily for a short time. The more the system detects this, the more time you are banned from entering. To avoid this, if not having registered with the credentials of your Google or Facebook account, you should choose a password as memorable though complex as possible. This can be a arbitrary combination of your favorite composer and their year of birth.

o Where can I change the categories I selected at login?

Unfortunately, this is not possible after your first entry, but no need to worry, the system will adapt to your video playbacks and will offer recommendations according to your new favorites.

o What is a playlist?

Videos associated with festive occasions or momentous events grabbed into a bundle. You will find the current playlist on the main page.

o How do I learn about new contents?

We send you newsletters regularly to tell you about our concerts, broadcasts and our latest online contents. Sign up for our newsletter here.

Questions about user account

o How do I subscribe to the newsletter if I forgot to do so at the registration?

You can sign up for our newsletter here.

o How long is my subscription/registration valid?

Your registration will not be canceled. Once the page becomes pay-per-view, the availability of video contents and online streams will be subject to a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. For details, see our general business conditions.

o How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your profile.

Questions concerning sponsorship/supporting

o What is the difference between the sponsor circle and the corporate sponsorship?

Our sponsor circle has been created primarily for private persons. Find out more about the different levels of support available for the sponsor circle and join us if you want to become an active supporter of the orchestra. In exchange of the support our sponsors provide, we guarantee different discounts.

Companies joining our sponsorship program to support the orchestra will enter an exclusive circle bound by the passion for classical music. 

For more information about the park age and corporate collaboration, please click.

Questions concerning the loyalty program

o How can I get involved in the loyalty program?

To participate in the loyalty program, you will only need a registration. After registering, you can start collecting loyalty points you can redeem for a number of benefits. For more information on the loyalty program, visit: link

Questions concerning events/ticket purchase

o How can I buy tickets?

By clicking on the Purchase Ticket button at the sub-page of the concert you like, or by clicking on the ticket icon in the top right corner. 

o How do I learn about the next online stream?

We regularly send information about our new online events. If you have not done so yet, sign up for our newsletter here.