Our orchestra

A Way to Music

We have a common dream: to bring together people who are a long way from one another as far as space, ideology, age are concerned, and to connect them by the strength of a common passion: their enthusiasm for music. For us, life is this: sweeping, soothing, uplifting and comforting; music is our daily bread, our passion, our friend. And also a way to get to know ourselves better.

We have created the A Way to Music program in order to reach as many people as possible with our message: the joy of music. A part of this program is our website that offers from musical fragments of a few seconds browsable by moods to family and youth performances to complete concerts to live broadcasts. These hundreds of videos become available after a simple registration or subscription, opening a way for anyone to gain a better understanding of music and themselves.

Our orchestra


Danubia is one of Hungary's leading symphonic orchestras. Apart from the most important concert halls in Hungary, we performed regularly in the major festivals in Europe; our special program arrangements and our youth and social projects have made us one of the most characteristic artistic ensembles in recent years. An essential feature of our profile is experimenting with genres, fitting compositions of the 20th century and contemporary works in our program and maintaining a strong online presence.

Our conductor


Artistic director of our ensemble and creator of our programs is Máté Hámori who has been leading and conducting us since 2013. He considers his mission to educate new recruit of musicians and the initiation of children into the world of music. We created an exciting repertoire with him, including many compositions played only by us in Hungary, like the national premiere of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 4 in 2020. Máté conducts most of the Hungarian orchestras and is a permanent conductor of the Opera House, and has won a Hungarian Order of Merit, Liszt Award and the Prize for the Contribution to the Culture of Óbuda.

Our mission


Music is our passion, this is the passion that drives our entire lives. We'd like this flame reach the many people possible and the more people be caught in classical music. Our purpose is to provide a future to this renowned genre, and the key to this future is youth. Our orchestra has a past of more than twenty-five years, it still is one of the most youthful professional orchestras nationwide. We always take a fresh look at the often stereotyped forms of classical music.

Our team


Out crew of barely a dozen works constantly in the background to deliver the valuable productions created by the orchestra to the public, assist the musicians and, by new ideas, make Danubia even more unique. We are proud of the permanent, returning members of our audience and we are trying to find a way to more music listeners.


Orchestra office and mailing address:

H-1033 Budapest, Laktanya u. 35. Intercom number: 2

+36 1 269 1178 or +36 1 373 0228 

Public relations:

kozonsegkapcsolat@odz.hu, +36 70 455 6814