Sponsor Circle

Join the ÓDZ Sponsor Circle. You may count with several discounts, and with your support, you may contribute to delivering premium music to as many people as possible. Click here for corporate sponsorship.


HUF 50,000 to 79,999

1-year subscription for free

Exclusive newsletter to our Sponsor Circle

If you agree, your name will be indicated among our supporters

Pre-purchase option for tickets and season tickets

20% discount for tickets and season purchased

Opportunity to attend the final rehearsal of priority concerts

Visit to the building of the Music Academy and entrance to the backstage


HUF 80,000 to 199,999

1-year subscription for free

All services any Sponsor is

The opportunity to attend an informal discussion with the conductor and the musicians

Invitation to a series of private discussion with the conductor of Danubia Orchestra


Above HUF 200,000

1-year subscription for free

All services any Maecenas is entitled to

Invitation to a chamber concert combined with a brunch

Invitation to an exclusive musical dinner for supporters


HUF 4,000

Our Junior supporter circle is not available now. Thank you for supports so far!

How does it work?

Along with our website, we update our Sponsor Circle. With the ÓDZ Sponsor Circle membership, you can get closer to our musicians and the life of the orchestra. Via your membership, you support our orchestra and contribute to making Danubia Orchestra Óbuda one of the landmark orchestras in Hungarian music scene with its youthful momentum and innovative initiatives.

In return, we offer a number of benefits and even more opportunities for you to take a look at our professional work. The benefits provided by the Supporter Circle enable you to be a part of an exclusive association of supporters of the Danubia Orchestra by attending rehearsals, backroom discussions and private meetings with the members of the orchestra.

For more information about the sponsor circle, please drop a line into the chat window or call our colleague with confidence:


Corporate sponsorship

Stand by Danubia Orchestra Óbuda, the youthful momentum and innovative initiatives of which provide prominence among other professional orchestras! Our thematic and unconventional performances are all intended for one purpose: we want high-level music to reach as many people as possible.

ÓDZ offers a number of options for co-operation. We believe that each company is different, therefore it is important to work together to develop the form of cooperation so that we can offer your company the most appropriate partnership.

Find out more about our orchestra, learn more about our concert series, our training or community programs, and choose the one that you feel closest to.

What we provide to our partners

Opportunity to meet our exclusive target audience and other support partners of ours

VIP reception with the conductor and the musicians of our orchestra

Opportunity to participate in private chamber concerts

Publicity on our interfaces

Our partners

Take advantage of the power of our diverse audience!

For more information on company participation, feel free to contact our colleague with confidence: