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ÉNekÚT - Danubia Orchestra's new music education platform

After the launch of our revolutionary new streaming platform, A Way to Music (, we are now trying to serve the cause of classical music with another innovation: this time we want to offer teachers and children a modern, experience-oriented aid for vocal education in schools. Building on the content of A Way to Music and the Danubia Orchestra's online educational videos, the ÉnekÚt site offers teachers a full year of lesson plans broken down into lessons to make learning music more fun through curriculum-related videos and short musical excerpts. In addition to popular musical education lessons by conductor Máté Hámori, the website will also offer schools participating in the programme access to music and composers related to the curriculum, or even solfege exercises, as well as large band karaoke videos created, which may help to engage more inhibited pupils in singing together. The interface and content of the programme can be varied by the teachers, so everyone can create a lesson plan to suit their own taste and pace, and the videos can be viewed at home. Any school in Hungary can join the programme.