Haydn: The Creation (Hob. XXI:2)

A Way to Music
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19:30 - 22:00


Zeneakadémia, Nagyterem
1061 Budapest Liszt Ferenc tér 8.

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5 500, 4 500, 3 800, 2 900 HUF


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What an idea! To set to music the beginning, the great furnace, the imagined words of the creator. Only a revolutionary innovator, the creator of most of the forms and genres we know today, the still under-appreciated master, teacher of Beethoven and friend of Mozart, would dare to tackle such an impossible subject. Again and again, we wonder. When will we adore him? Maybe now...

Telling the story of the creation of the world in music is an ambitious idea, but for the elderly Haydn, at the height of his career and success, it was just the right challenge. On his concert tour of England, which brought him world fame, Haydn was introduced to the island's thriving oratorio culture, with Handel's works at its heart. He intended this large-scale work as a culmination of his own music, a work that moved large orchestras, choirs and soloists and became one of the most important works in the history of music. The work is about the relationship between man and creation, about how small a dot we are in the universe - a theme that could not be more relevant today, when the most we risk is our own survival by disrupting the created world. The beauty of the world is told in this musical fresco, which lasts nearly two hours and features some of the most beautiful music ever written. We recommend this performance for those who seek classical beauty, tranquillity and contemplation.


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