Strawberry season

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Sweet, light, and it takes a very short time – summer holidays are like strawberries. Enjoy fair weather, the refreshing classics, the sea and the music of energy boost while you can with the new playlist of A Way to Music

Bartók Béla - Concerto zenekarra

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Bartók Béla - Concerto zenekarra

A Road to Music - Music for the Road

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Eternal classic travel companion tunes, which will always stay with us wherever we go. 

2022 - Bullet start

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The pandemic has turned our lives upside down, it's a cliché, but our sense of time has also been completely disrupted by the change in life. According to some, today is 690 March 2020. But our Bullet Start playlist is here to tell you that life hasn't stopped, there's reason to be optimistic, and with our most energetic music, let's get a new lease of life, shake ourselves out of stasis-frozen amber time and get going for 2022!

Adventure time!

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On the last weekend of August, we will drop a two-day festival to the smallest music lovers and their families. We gathered the best youth performances of the A Way to Music for music selected from the programs of past festival

The voice of Earth

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Music that connects you to mother earth and nature. The rustling of the trees, the sounds of the night, the mysterious and enormous life, translated into the language of classical music photo created by jcomp