Indian summer

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The trees dress in autumn gold canopy and before long they turn to crimson, yet the weather is lovely. With the passing of this year’s blazing summer, refreshing coolness is a release, though hopefully, rain and gloominess keep away for a long time. We compiled the finest melodies for this Indian summer, for the mild evenings and the fresh harvest, or for the calm days that follow the return to school

Back to School

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You may be so excited about rejoining your classmates, or you may be clutching at the last straws of summer, anyhow, music will be there for you. We have made a selection of the most beautiful melodies for study time, for ambling along to school, and, of course, for the experience reports on the adventures of your summer holiday

Adventure time!

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On the last weekend of August, we will drop a two-day festival to the smallest music lovers and their families. We gathered the best youth performances of the A Way to Music for music selected from the programs of past festival

Beach classics

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Who said classic music could not be a companion to a summer holiday, a lakeside or a hot summer night? We gathered the best music for a heatwave, cooling down, recharging or relaxing: these are the beach classics!

Ice world

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The ultimate desire is a cool, icy breeze. The best music from the northern hemisphere, the world of eternal snow cast into classic sounds: this is our latest playlist, full of shivering music

Song for the fathers

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In the parental racing car, they often have to take the passenger’s seat, though how many of our movements, habits, the look in our eyes or our musical taste they are and always remain a part of. A salute to the fathers with the playlist specifically selected for them on the occasion of Fathers’ Day