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In 2020, Danubia Orchestra and artistic director, conductor Máté Hámori launched an unconventional series related to Beethoven's birthday, where Máté Hámori guides the audience into the mysteries of sounds and creative processes, thereby giving them insight into the dilemmas of creation and re-creation. In the morning events related to the series, the orchestra would also like to show the way to music for those who are most likely to identify with the drama of the 250-year-old composer’s life: hearing impaired people.

Any physical appliance would be involved at the free concerts given by the orchestra for the audience with special needs in order to deliver the fantastic experience music can offer to those who do not hear at all or hear sounds different to those who have sound hearing. Mastermind Máté Hámori will resort to a sign language interpreter to talk about the secrets of the music of Beethoven or the musician to be recently presented, and hearing impaired will be able to experience the music using physical medial devices and special contact speakers. Anyone who feels it best can sit among the musicians onstage. Moreover, social experiences less natural for hearing impaired people in everyday life are also important: the experience commonly felt at a concert.

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