The sky above you

The Sound of the Baton - The Revolution of Beauty
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19:00 - 21:30


Budapest Music Center, Koncertterem
1093 Budapest Mátyás u. 8.

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3 000 Ft


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Finally, when one has had enough of beauty (...impossible anyway), one looks up to the sky and silently gives thanks. Or gives thanks aloud, with whistle, drum, trumpet, angel-song. For the earth, for the morning, for hope, for man (yes, even man; yes, even the silliest of sillies), and to make sure God understands, that's why we have to give thanks in music-language. Suursum corda!

The backbone of Bach's oeuvre is the cantata cycles that span the church year. If you are really curious about the master's music, these are the ones to start with, and because of their number, you will always find something new. The Ascension oratorio presents the spiritual struggles of the exultant man, deeply in touch with his faith but still lonely without Christ; with great sensitivity, featuring soloists and a choir. László Sándor composed his new work for the same setting, specifically to accompany Bach's work, in which passages from the Gospel come to life whose meaning can only be fully perceived in the original Greek, thus exploiting the interplay of revelation and concealment. Deeply faithful, humbling and silky music, full of trust and hope - we recommend this concert to all those who wish to be immersed in its beauty, to those who listen to music with heart.


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