Debussy 3

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2023. May 13. | Saturday | 19.00 - 21.30
1033 Budapest Flórián tér 3., Danubia Zenekar próbaterem
4 000 Ft

The passion, the absinthe-drunk, thick-smoky, stale air of fin de ciécle is as much Debussy's own as the pure, unsearching poetry of the ancient Greek mountain peaks. Not only Apollo, but also Dionysus marches in these sounds, followed by the frantic Menades and the drunken Silenus. Suspicious company, but the music is truly 'divine'!

Debussy was not only a master of soft, devotional melodies, but also of wild, unbridled passion. In addition to the composer's greatest chamber works, the concert will also feature three wonderful Villon songs, which are rare guests in concert halls. An exciting and varied compilation, it is a must for true Debussy fans for its many special features, and for brave beginners it is highly recommended for its insightful and witty explanations by Gábor Eckhardt.


Premiere rhapsodie pour clarinette

Három Villon-ballada


Szonáta fuvolára, brácsára és hárfára

Szonáta hegedűre és zongorára