Dichterliebe - A twelve giants




20:00 - 21:30


Átrium Budapest
1024 Budapest, Margit körút 55.

Ticket prices

6 500, 4 900 Ft


Loyalty programme

A boy and a girl meets at a party, find each other for one night, but in the morning she disappears. Up to this point it could be a normal one-night stand, but the boy starts looking for the girl because he feels she was the one. Did the boy dream it all or did it happen in reality?

Two hundred years ago, a volume by Heinrich Heine was published, 16 poems from which were set to music and transcribed for male voice and piano by his contemporary Robert Schumann. This production, however, is not a 19th-century version of the painful love disappointment, but a very contemporary theatrical version. In this love story directed by Lili Horvát, the audience follows events in the outside world, but is constantly interrupted by changes in the protagonist's soul.

What is Dichterliebe - The Twelve Giants? A ninety-minute musical journey with film stops.


Schumann-Balogh Máté: