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2022. November 5. | Saturday | 10.30 - 11.30
1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8., Budapest Music Center, Koncertterem
felnőtt: 1 500 Ft, gyerek: 1 000 Ft

Recommended from 6 years and up.

The Bélamese is actually a reinterpreted post-apocalyptic, love miracle story based on the text of the Cantata profana, and the text will be read out by conductor Máté Hámori. Bartók's works from the Concerto to The Miraculous Mandarin and the Dance Suite will be performed within the framework of the story.

The story is set in an imaginary, post-apocalyptic world where human civilisation has now won a total victory over the living world, destroying everything and bringing all of nature under its sway. In this barren world, it is forbidden to be different, to defy the will of the Lord of the world, the evil Old Man. The protagonist of the tale is the Youngest Son, who is different from his brothers: he can recreate the natural world in his sleep, trees, forest and even the miraculous deer in the forest. Several superheroes join the fight on both sides, but in the end there can be no doubt about the victory of the Youngest Son, who overcomes the world of light and noise of sameness with his music.


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